LemonDrop will host it’s annual Post-it show on Friday, December 7!

What to do:

1. Purchase YELLOW post-its.
2. Change them into a masterpiece(s)
3. Turn them in (minimum of 15) at LemonDrop from 7-9pm on Tuesday, Dec 4

Artwork sells for $1 per post-it the night of the event, and people can pluck the post-its off right then and there and walk out with some wonderful mini-art! At the end of the evening, sales are split 50/50 to artist and LemonDrop. Any artist that is not present at 9:30pm to pick up their profit donates their earnings to LemonDrop. (There are too many participants, and the profit is not significant enough for us to track people down)

Out-of-towners… post-its are mailable! Think about it…

Why this is great

The post-it show makes artwork accessible to the community, and promotes art-buying for all ages in our fair city of Springfield, Missouri. Seriously. If you have not experienced this… you want to. G’on and get on it.

For more information, please email LemonDrop Executive Director at meganne@lemondrop.org