Vision Statement and Director Search for the Springfield Art Museum

February 28, 2012Visual Arts

Springfield Art Museum, Springfield, Missouri Vision of the Springfield Art Museum The Springfield Art Museum recognizes the past and embraces the future as a collaborator and catalyst for the transformation of individuals and the community through art. The Art Museum is a vital partner in the economic development of the city and values collaboration. The … Read More

Springfield Art Museum: Visioning for the Future

December 5, 2011Visual Arts

At a November meeting George Neubert, director of the Flatwater Art Foundation spoke to the Board of Directors of the Springfield Art Museum about creating a vision statement for the art museum to aid in the search for a new director. You are at one of the most critical and important points in the history … Read More

What do you see as the Museum’s Vision?

September 17, 2011Visual Arts

Community members — particularly local artists — have expressed interest in what qualities a new director will have and in how the museum will evolve in the future, says City of Springfield Human Resources Director Sheila Maerz, as quoted in the Springfield News-Leader